Sunday, December 25, 2011

M3Ry KuRissuMAsU!

Hello every1! is Christmas!
So,i think everyone of u would hav to celebrate....though not all
Anyway,at here i wish u all Merry Christmas!! -^w^-

Friday, December 9, 2011

Maria Holic Alive

Title:Maria Holic Alive OP&ED Album-Runrunriru Ranranrara

1.Runrunriru Ranranrara
2.Dou ni mo Tomaranai
3.Donmai Donmai!
5.Kimi ni,Mune Kyun
7.Marika Nisshi no Theme #1
8.Runrunriru Ranranrara(off vocal)
9.Dou ni mo Tomaranai(off vocal)
10.Donmai Donmai!(off vocal)

Download link:

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Maria Holic Alive

I just finish Maria Holic Alive...
I can't believed Kobayashi Yuu is a amazing seiyuu.
How cool she can turn her voice to a guy!!Sugoi!!

Maria Holic Alive

Synopsis:Some things never change: Ame no Kisaki, that famous and extraordinarily exclusive boarding school, STILL doesn’t accept boys. And Kanako, Kisaki’s most romantically unfortunate student, STILL doesn’t accept them either. They give her the hives. Literally. Sadly, that means that Kanako’s STILL trying to connect with ANYONE of the same sex, and having the usual horrid luck; STILL being in imminent peril of dying from the constant nosebleeds she gets from being over stimulated by the presence of her fellow classmates; and STILL being forced to endure the tragedy of sharing a room with the school’s most beautiful girl, who is, of course, STILL a guy in drag. Poor Kanako! She came to school to major in loving women, and instead she’s STILL failing relationships in Maria Holic Alive!